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Fuck Enemies, Get Gil
Reno of the Turks



      Casually pretends not to notice him—-

Opts to silently stand just ever-so-slightly too close to the SOLDIER until he is ‘noticed.’

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[[ I’ve got a weird feeling about today.

Ah well.  Gunna do the two replies I owe and then…Maybe…Drabble some??  I’unno!  I have one in the works but I need to rewrite a whole chunk of it and don’t feel like bothering right now.  I want to drabble but I don’t know about what.  Hrmn. ]]

Anonymous said:
even though you play reno yourself, is there another reno rper that you're particularly close to? or admire?


i actually don’t follow too many other reno’s & i don’t particular talk to them either butbut i will always, always, always admire itsrenobitch. vin’s reno is amazing okay & even though he’s not as on as much anymore ( though really i shouldn’t be talking either a;sdkfj ) he’ll always be my personal favorite reno.

[[You have no idea what it does to me when you say stuff like this!  Oh my god!  You’re so cool omg come here and let me love you ;0; <3333 ]]

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[[I don’t think anyone will ever understand just how strongly I identify with faceless cannon fodder grunts like VII’s MPs.

Not even me.]]

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♋ What drew you to this muse?

[[Ready for the most boring answer?

His looks!

Almost 10 years ago I wanted to join a Second Life KH RP as my main muse, KH!Sephiroth.  They already had a Seph though, so I decided to try and pick another VII character.  This was roughly around the same time Advent Children came out.  Reno had stood out to me simply because of his appearance.  Bright red hair, facial tattoos, a suit…He was just plain cool-looking!

Plus, somewhere in the back of my mind, I think I was drawn to the freedom I felt I’d have with his character, since he was more of a minor character back then.]]

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Tonight I sketched some VII babies, including my first successful Aerith

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[[Make sure you send the questions along with the icons, as I can’t see all of them.  Luckily, this one showed up!

What is the most challenging aspect of playing this muse?

Probably balancing out all the aspects of his life and personality.  Reno’s a trained killer, but he’s still human.  He’s a lighthearted goofball, but still a terrifying force to be reckoned with.  Finding a good balance between all of the pieces can be really difficult sometimes, because I want him to seem as real and human as possible while still adhering to the existing canon laid out for him.

Secondarily, I have a hard time writing violent scenes with him.  I really enjoy the challenge and working with that side of him, but I worry a lot about seeming too edgy or try hard with the way I word things or the actions he ends up taking, you know?]]

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▲ Of the two of you, who is more mature, you or your muse?

[[That’s a tough one.  It varies, really?  Like Reno is mature in some respects that I could never be, but on the flipside I’ve got some things over him too.  

He’s very clingy and needy, whereas most days I do just fine without anyone around.  I probably wouldn’t be able to handle an actual physical fight, while Reno lives and breathes battling.  etc. etc.  It really depends on the situation!]]

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